About Me

Hi, I am Anmol Gautam. I love FLOSS. I am an active contributer on KDE applications specially Falkon, which is a QtWebengine based web browser. I am comfortable in Imperative and Object Oriented languages like C++, JavaScript and other C-Family languages and Functional Programming languages like OCaml & Erlang.

I live in Gandhinagar, Gujarat India (GMT+0530) and my IRC nick is tarptaeya which is same as my username on most of the social websites.

When I am not programming, you can find me playing flute, listening to latin trap music or enjoying with my family.

You can find my resume here.

My Open Source Projects

Crusta Browser

AboutQtWebEngine based webbrowser with multiwindow support, with Ecosia as default search engine on English and Yandex on Russian locale
Start Date November, 2016
Programming Language(s) C++, JavaScript, PHP